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OWT CMS and LMS Documentation Site       https://cms.owt.com

Welcome to the CMS Documentation Project

This site will be an ongoing effort to document, and maintain the documentation for the OWT Content Management System products.  At this time this includes the OWT CMS3  (Content Management System Version 3) and the LMS3 (Learning Management System Version 3).  

The OWT CMS is marketed by One World Telecommunications and is offered as a tiered product with versions available for any budget.  The LMS is marketed by our learning partner eITPrep LLC as a customized product for each customer. The LMS has many additional features but at the core it also has all of the features of the CMS3. 

Both the CMS and LMS are being actively developed with new features and improvements added often to keep the product modern and powerful. 

Just as the CMS systems have evolved over much of the past 20 years at OWT so do these new "Version 3" products. As we make changes we will try to document those changes on this site.  At this time this site is far from complete but we intend to make steady progress until all of the basic features are documented. After that we will address some more advanced topics.  Along the way we also intend to maintain a section of "How To Guides" that will provide step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish common tasks.  

Check back as we continue to make progress on this site until ultimately it becomes the reference these products deserve. 

New Video Chat Features!

We're getting a lot of questions about our new video chat features added to both the CMS and LMS frameworks. We hope to have more answers for you soon as these features come out of beta testing and are considered "released". 

For now here is a summary of what we have available:

  • Basic Video Chat Services - support for dozens of users at a time in a single "room".
  • Presentation mode supports a single presenter with multiple "watchers". 
  • Screen sharing. 
  • Media and flipbooks can be shared within a room.
  • Remote Proctoring services for the LMS with recording. 
  • Recording of proctoring, screens, presentations (lectures etc) and more. Rooms coming soon. 
  • Record a lecture while in LMS Guided Mode as you step through a course. 
  • Rooms can be set up administratively or from classrooms. 
  • Public joining with invitations without difficult credentials. 
  • Room rosters.

Most of these features are premium add-on features with new packages emerging.  Pricing is largely related to the maximum number of "seats" needed for these video services.  

All features require a contemporary web-browser as this uses the WebRTC technology but recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge are all supported but recording administration is best done using Chrome. 

Contact us if you are interested in upgrading to these features or getting started with one of our powerful frameworks.