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Introduction to the LMS

Browser Compatibility

We try to find a balance between adopting new technologies and compatiblity with older browsers but this is a huge challenge for all websites.  We will continually test in the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari.  We do still test against Internet Explorer version 11 and do check against IE 10 sometimes as well.  However, these browsers can restrict what we can accomplish with the CMS.  

The CMS does support Adobe Flash but we don't recommend using it if you can possibly avoid it.  

For CMS administration we have higher browser demands.  We expect administrators to be running more recent browsers and semi-current operating systems even if we support older systems for non-administrative tasks.  

Recommended Browsers for CMS administrators and users:

Browser Administrators Non-Administrators Comments
Google Chrome Version 50+ Version 36+
Firefox Version 54+ Version 34+ Older versions struggle with multimedia sometimes
Edge Version 41+ Version 39+ Always keep Windows 10 current
Safari Version 10+ Version 9+ All mobile versions supported; older versions have some cosmetic issues
Internet Explorer Version 11 Version 10+ Really not recommended at all

If your users have to run older operating systems such as Windows Vista or MacOS 10.8 or older we suggest using the latest version of Chrome or Firefox that operating system will support.  Older Windows operating systems should not try to run Internet Explorer 9 or older but use Chrome or Firefox.  Old versions of Safari will have cosmetic issues mostly.  

Mobile Support

While the CMS is fully supported for public access (not administration) on mobile devices the LMS is not 100% mobile-ready at this time. 

Most features do work but certain types of assessments or other features are not mobile-ready.  Tablets tend to work better but unless the screen size supports the desktop version of the site that may still be problematic.  Mobile support for LMS content is mostly complete but assessments are not 100% yet. 

In the end the content will decide how compatible the site is for mobile devices. We can work with you to make sure your content is mobile friendly with very little extra effort.