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This course has not yet been created. Much if not all of this content is covered in the Basic LMS Administration Guide. This course will be for those that need to understand the Assessment system but are not otherwise involved in the LMS Administration. 

Topics Covered:

  • Test Bank Creation and Importing
  • Question and Objective creation and editing
  • Bank locking
  • Creating Assessments
  • Understanding how assessments are generated from question pools (Question Mapping)
  • Understanding Types and Kinds
  • Assessment Valdation

What won't be covered:

  • How to add assessments to course material
  • How to schedule assessments or create subscriptions for assessments
  • Anything to do with Certification other than how to link an existing certifiation to an assessment
  • Grade or result management other than how to select the appropriate method for an assessment
  • Much to do with Milestones other than how to have them granted using an assessment