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Site and Layout Headers

While a layout does not HAVE to have a header you will generally want it to.  Headers are managed using the Headers Manager (Design - Headers).

While there are some complex aspects of the Headers Manager the basics are pretty straightforward.  

Configuration options per header include:

Status - more complex than most places as you have 4 status options

Default - The default layout for the site. The best option when there is only one header.

Available - Can be used in layouts 

Referenced - Header may be used but only if explicitly selected in a layout. 

Inactive - Under no circumstances use this header even if it is selected in a layout. 

Label - this is simply the label you wish this header to be known by.  

Menu - if you are using a menu within the header select it here (advanced feature)

CSS - this is special CSS that applies only to the Menu selected.

Search - if you are using a search component in the header select the type of search here. This could vary by site and is an advanced feature. 

CSS - this is special CSS that applies only to the search component selected.

Module - this is an undocumented feature for OWT designers only at this time. If you see content in this field it means a particular module or extension is being used with this header.  You should not change this. 

Content Category - a header can actually be a Content Category.  Select from the pulldown here. 

Graphic - this is how most headers are done.  In the Site Configuration a header size was specified which reflects the designers concept about the size of the header graphic.  We urge you to make sure your new graphic is this size as well.  You may use the file uploader to upload any web graphic as your header graphic. 

Additional CSS - this is some additional CSS you may enter here rather than in the CSS Manager.