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Footers can be done several different ways.  You specify just how you wish to manage your main site footer from the Configuration - Site Preferences system under the Footer segment.

Footer Segment 1

Footer Types can be:

  • Fixed Tagline - you would then enter the tagline in the field labeled "Tagline" that will be displayed right in the Footer segment.
  • Content Category and/or Menu - you would then select the Menu and/or Category from the respective selectors below
  • Banner - you would then select the Banner Group to use for the footer from the menu that now appears in the Footer segment.  We suggest you use a content category rather than a banner if you can. 

Layout Footers

You can also select a Footer Content Category and/or a Footer Menu from the Layout configuration manager.  (Design - Layouts).  This is enabled from within the Footer tab:

Footer in Layouts