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CMS Documentation

Here we provide documentation for the CMS3 by using the LMS3.  We have broken this down into courses:

  • Basic CMS3 Administration: covering the basic concepts and procedures for administering a basic site with the CMS3
  • Widgets & Specialized Content: covering some specialized managers and tools
  • CMS3 Configuration & Design: covers configuration and to a lesser extent design concepts for the CMS3. 
  • CMS3 Commerce: covers concepts and features of a CMS3 e-commerce site. 

This material is designed to be both a reference and an introductory usage guide. Be sure to consult the Course and Chapter Contents for faster access to the material you are looking for.  It is critical you read through the introductory content material even if you don't think it applies to you.  

Simply click on one of the courses in the menu at the top of this page to enter that course.