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Enclosures are something used various places within the CMS to allow you to style certain components.  They do literally enclose the component you are styling but there is more to it than that.  This is another complex issue we will document mostly from a conceptual standpoint so you understand how it works to some extent.  

We really don't expect most customers to ever create an enclosure and using them requires none of this knowledge. So if you are just here to learn how to USE Enclosures - we won't really be talking about that here. 

What we will discuss includes:

  • Enclosure Types
  • Enclosure Parts - mostly just an enclosure header and then the enclosure content body but there can be more with some types. 
  • CSS - this time we will explain a bit more as this is really the heart of an enclosure.  You may only have to set the padding, margin and color but it might take more than that. You can even upload a background image here!

Enclosure Types

Enclosure Types are currently limited to:

  • Box
  • Inverted Box
  • Backdrop
  • Panel
  • Container
  • Titled
  • Divider Top
  • Divider Bottom
  • Divider Wrap (Top AND Bottom)

Enclosure Parts

Coming Soon!

Enclosure CSS

Coming Soon!