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What is an LMS?

LMS stands for Learning Management System. 

A Learning Management System is software that facilitates the creation and delivery of learning materials.  Our LMS supports the following learning activities:

  • Course management and authoring
  • Assessment management and authoring
  • Progress management using results systems or a gradebook system
  • Certification management
  • Continuing Education management with or without certification
  • Long-term results storage and management
  • Classroom management with facilities for shared calendars and video chat rooms
  • Course progress milestones so that content must be tackled in a specific order and/or specific assessments passed before moving on
  • Instructors can manage their classrooms manually or through the subscription process. 
  • Instructor-lead learning and presentation systems
  • Offline competency management along with gradebook integration
  • Detailed student managment
  • Online profile management
  • Online subscription sales and management
  • Special training features including: text-to-speech features, bookmarking, content highlighting and page notes
  • Proctoring support including remote proctoring
  • Management of subscriptions including order management and online commerce sales
  • And much, much more!

Each of these activities has a robust list of features as well.  The LMS is built on a mature CMS and has added features based on over 25 years of learning management development. 

These features are suited for most any distance learning application for schools, trade schools, continuing education, trade union education offerings and really any learning situation whether it is graded or certified or not.  Hours may be logged and participation can even be simply a time requirement.  Stand-alone course systems can run themselves or be fully managed by you or a group of instructors.  

Content can feature a mixture of text content, graphics, animations, audio and video with a variety of tools to help manage and present that content.  There are even special utilities that can help convert content in traditional formats to work well on the web.