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The LMS within the CMS

The Learning Management System (LMS) is really just a set of tools specialized for learning built on and using the same framework as our Content Management System (CMS).  

This is useful because both are web solutions and this way you can have a website focused on marketing and information right along with your training and offer subscriptions or choose to manually manage your on-line classrooms.  

So many features are common to both CMS and LMS management tools.  They both are able to leverage each other to allow you to manage a robust website with a full-featured training environment at the same time. 

Most features work similarly making the learning curve less - once you learn a few tools you are most of the way to understanding them all!  The management systems all use database structures that can be related in almost any way needed.  Our powerful database system supports intensive record keeping for a large student base. 

We leverage this framework for many different applications so we can confidently say we can offer the features you need to make your on-line venture successful!