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What is a CMS?

CMS stands for Content Management System and refers to any web-based product that allows you to manage your content without a tremendous amount of programming skills.  The OWT CMS3 is a powerful system that can be used to build and maintain complex modern websites.  With power comes complexity and OWT has tried to minimize this complexity as it relates to to site maintenance. We have not tried to make the system simplistic for an inexperienced person to build a website. While we will build your CMS3 site using the CMS itself we do not expect or even encourage our customers to expect to be able to create a totally new site within the CMS as this requires a substantial set of skills to accomplish.  There really isn't any way to have a powerful and flexibile system that is also trivial to design in.  

That said, we will continually try to make content creation and maintenance as easy and as powerful as we can.  Understand that we must design the system to support many different types of sites and a wide variety of content and media so many features within the interface may go complete unused on some sites whereas other sites may rely on those features extensively.